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Tips for Preventing Foggy Windows

Fogging up of vehicle windows is a common annoyance that can hinder visibility and compromise driving safety. This phenomenon occurs when there is a difference in temperature between the inside and outside of the vehicle, causing moisture to condense on the glass surfaces. For drivers in Texas, where the climate varies widely and humidity levels can be high, preventing fogging can feel like a losing battle. But it doesn’t have to be. Let’s dive into preventing foggy windows — even in Texas. Tips to Preventing Foggy Windows Use Air Conditioning Wisely Texans are no strangers to heat, and air conditioning is a vital tool for staying comfortable during scorching summers. However, when it comes to preventing foggy windows, using the air conditioning effectively is key. Set your A/C to the "Fresh Air" mode rather than "Recirculation mode," when initially using the a/c. After a few minutes, turn the a/c to the recirculation setting. By doing this, the a/c system removes a lot of moisture (humidity) out of the air [...]

Money Saving Driving Tips

Driving can be expensive — gas, vehicle maintenance, repairs, and more. So, you may find yourself searching for some money saving driving tips. By following a few simple routine changes, you can save and keep some extra money in your pocket. Money Saving Driving Tips Drive More Efficiently Efficient driving means high gas efficiency. But, what does that involve? Driving efficiently means accelerating slowly, avoiding sudden stops and starts, and maintaining a steady speed. Driving at a consistent speed can help you save up to 30% on gas. Additionally, driving at a lower speed can also help you save money, as it reduces the amount of wind resistance your car has to overcome. Keep Your Tires Properly Inflated Properly inflated tires can help you save money on gas and reduce the risk of tire damage —a two for one special. When your tires are underinflated, your car has to work harder to move, which can decrease your gas mileage. On the other hand, overinflated or [...]

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Improving Diesel Truck Performance

Today's diesel trucks are rugged and ready for any adventure you may throw at them. Keeping your diesel truck running efficiently means reliability and helps you ensure you're getting the most use out of it. 5 Ways Boost Performance on a Diesel Truck Every driver's mileage may vary in terms of how they want to boost the performance of their truck. Depending on individualized needs and the day-to-day requirements of the your diesel truck, some owners may want to focus on fuel efficiency while others want more power and torque for carrying heavy cargo or towing extra weight. 1. Upgrade the Exhaust System Upgrading the exhaust system on your diesel truck with an aftermarket modification can improve the power and torque, but can also boost the fuel economy and overall performance of the vehicle. An exhaust system with a larger capacity takes some strain off the engine and allows it to work more efficiently, especially when you add custom tuning. 2. Install Fuel Injectors Installing aftermarket fuel injectors on [...]

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Tips For Preventing Catalytic Converter Theft

It can be concerning to many vehicle owners to hear that catalytic converter thefts have been on the rise, especially when they're so costly to replace. This is a crime of opportunity and the key to preventing catalytic converter theft is to stop thieves from gaining easy access to this precious piece of your car's exhaust system. There are a few helpful tips below on how to protect your investment and how to make it less desirable and efficient for someone to grab your converter and resell it. What Does a Catalytic Converter Do? Catalytic converters have been designed to defend against harmful emissions by turning these pollutants into harmless gasses. There are naturally multiple issues that can arise when you try to drive without having one equipped on your vehicle. In short, catalytic converters basically act as a filter on a vehicle's exhaust system. However, it's not what the catalytic converter does that makes it so valuable to steal and flip for a profit. They're often high in [...]

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Responsibilities of Car Ownership

Owning a vehicle is part of the American way. Especially for those living in the suburbs and rural areas in Texas, a car gets you where you need to go on your schedule. And for many folks, driving starts promptly at 15 with your learner's permit as a right of passage. But many drivers forget about the responsibilities of car ownership. From having your financials in order and taking driving seriously, owning and driving a vehicle isn't something to be taken lightly. Financial Responsibilities of Car Ownership Purchasing a car (new or used) takes money. And the financials don't stop there. Yearly, you'll need to register your vehicle. Texas requires your state registration fee, local registration fee, and inspection costs. For a typical passenger car or truck, expect to spend around $80 per year. You will also need to keep your car insurance current. The cost of insurance varies depending on your age, vehicle, and driving history, The average cost of car insurance in Texas is around $150 per [...]

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Increasing Your Winter Fuel Efficiency

With fuel prices continuing to rise, we all would like to save a little money on gas this winter. In very cold and snowy areas, winter can decrease your fuel efficiency — by up to 24% — because of the cold weather and less-than-optimal driving conditions. Not all hope is lost, though. It's still possible to increase your winter fuel efficiency to help offset the increase in gas prices and gas needed. It just takes a bit of change in habit. Tips for Increasing Winter Fuel Efficiency While changing your driving habits and vehicle maintenance schedule can feel like a lot of work, it's worth the money you'll save on gas this winter. Store Your Car in a Warm Place While you may like using your garage for storage purposes during the summer, it's time to make room for your vehicle(s) during the cold months. Keeping your car inside when it's cold means the engine has less work to warm up and therefore uses less gas. Reduce Your Idle [...]

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Reasons Your Car Isn’t Driving Smoothly

If your ride to work or to pick up the kids isn't as smooth as it once was, it can be annoying. But, it can also be alarming. Because if your car isn't driving as smoothly as it once was, it may leave you wondering what has changed. Wear and tear are to be expected on your vehicle. After all, it takes you to a lot of different places. When that normal wear and tear is ignored, you start to have major issues (and some potential significant repairs). Common Reasons Your Car Isn't Driving Smoothly When your vehicle isn't operating as smoothly as it once was, that's a warning sign. Your car is telling you that something isn't quite right anymore, and it's time to take notice as it could be one of these common issues. Suspension Problems The struts and shocks in your vehicle's suspension system are your shock absorbers. Every time you go over a speed bump, hit a pothole, or encounter uneven ground, the suspension takes [...]

Breaking In A New Car

Breaking in new shoes, breaking in a new kitchen, breaking in the new kid — we've all heard of those sayings. But, what about breaking in a new car? When you drive off the lot, you may think that your car is in its prime; it's at a time of peak performance. But, that's not the case. Driving it like you stole it, not the best move. If you want to keep your new car acting like new, there are few things you'll want to do (and a few you'll want to avoid). Luckily, we have some advice to help you keep your new car on the road longer... Breaking In a New Car the Right Way While it may be tempting to peel out of the lot and go for a joy ride, it's not the right move. Not only does that type of driving fall into the "only if you're a professional" category, but your brand new car also isn't going to love you for it. So, [...]

Can Towing Hurt Your Vehicle?

From family road trips to moving furniture to needing a trailer for working purposes — most folks will find themselves towing something sometime in their lives. This leads us to the question: Is towing bad for your car? And the answer is, maybe. The severity of the damages range from expected wear to catastrophic depending on 1) your vehicle's towing capacity and 2) what you are towing. So, let's take a deeper dive into that question. Can Towing Hurt Your Vehicle? Towing causes additional strain on your vehicle, from the engine to your brakes. So, it will slowly wear on your engine over time, no matter your vehicle or trailer. However, some big things will lead to faster wear and more substantial damage. Towing with an Underpowered Car While your car is a machine, it doesn't mean that you can expect the world of it, and it just happens. When towing an RV or trailer, you want to make sure it's something your car's engine and transmission can handle. [...]

7 Summer Driving Mistakes

Summer is here. That means summer road trips, heading to barbecues, and in Texas — driving in the heat. With all that comes a few Summer driving mistakes. While they may seem harmless, some of the Summer driving mistakes could lead to costly repairs and tickets. Both are things that could easily ruin your Summer. And after we've spent so much of 2020 and 2021 inside, we all deserve to have a fun Summer! Summer Driving Mistakes 1) Not Checking Your Vehicle's Fluid Levels Your engine fluids keep your engine running by lubricating and cooling off the various parts and removing the heat. Unfortunately, while they are working hard as lubricating and cooling agents, the Texas heat takes its toll on all fluids. If these fluid levels dip because of leakage, their cooling abilities do as well, which can lead to an overheated vehicle. Now is a great time to check all of your car's fluid levels. That list includes: Transmission Fluid Brake Fluid Coolant Motor Oil Power-Steering Fluid [...]

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