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Driving Into Autumn & Fall Car Care Tips

Fall. The season of pumpkins, pumpkin pie and pumpkin spiced lattes. But, it's also the season of change as leaves change and temperatures begin dropping. And that means it's time to get your car ready for a different season with these fall car care tips and tricks. Fall Car Care Tips & Maintenance To-Dos With Autumn comes a significant change in weather. Gone are the blue skies and hot temperatures. Instead, start expecting cold mornings and stormy weather. So, what do you need to do to get your car ready for fall? 1. Check Your Tires With almost guaranteed sunny weather gone, now is the time to check on the things that keep you connected with the road — your tires. Checking your tires' tread should be apart of your general car care checklist, but before fall it's especially important. Same goes for your tires' air pressure. Just had full tires, but notice they look less inflated on the crisp fall mornings. Don't automatically assume you have a leak. As [...]

Car Basics: Your Car’s Alternator

While your car battery provides the electricity - and jolt - your car needs to start, it doesn't power your vehicle. That's the job of your car's alternator. In fact, without a properly working alternator, your car isn't moving anywhere. Your Car's Alternator is the Generator In fact, that was its old name — the generator. And today's modern alternators work the same way. After giving the spark the engine needs to get started, the battery relies on the alternator for continued power. As the components, belts and gears spin and crank under the hood, the wheel on the alternator converts this motion into energy. Similar to the mechanism of a hydroelectric dam. Without the alternator, your car battery will not recharge. And your car won't be going anywhere — something that doesn't make anyone's day better. Three Signs of a Failing Alternator With so many components getting power from your alternator, it's important to keep it in good working condition, or you could find yourself not moving. Luckily, the alternator is made of up [...]

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Protecting Your Car’s Paint Job from Everyday Things

Everyone loves the look of a sleek, shiny new car — especially when you know your car's paint will begin showing wear quickly after leaving the lot. From small chips to everyday occursions your car's paint won't stay like new forever. But, with a little knowledge and preventive measures you can keep your vehicle looking like new, longer. Everyday Things That Destroy Your Car's Paint and Exterior There are things in life we cannot control. Including things that damage your paint job, unavoidable everyday things. And it's not just about keeping your car looking like new, your car's paint protects the metal of your car's frame, preventing rusting and damage. So, keeping it healthy isn't just cosmetic, it's required. The Sun Try telling the sun to stop shining. It's not going to work. Unfortunately, not only does that glowing yellow ball make Texas quite hot in the Summer, it's damaging and baking your car's paint job. If your car spends the majority of its time outside, you'll begin [...]

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Driving an Automatic Car and What Not to Do

Everyone thinks driving an automatic car is easy. And they are right! A simple press of the gas pedal gets you going, and a stomp on the brakes stops you in your tracks — no manual shifting or clutch pedal needed. But, that doesn't mean you should take your transmission and engine for granted. Driving an automatic transmission comes with its own set of rules. What Not to Do When Driving an Automatic Car No worrying about miss-shifting or stalling out when you drive a car with an automatic transmission. However, there are still a few things that you shouldn't do when driving an automatic car. Stop Coasting in Neutral — Downhill or Otherwise There is a misconception floating around that putting your car in neutral while going down a hill, coasting or at a stop light saves your engine and conserves gas. Well, that's not true. Modern cars now automatically stop the flow of gasoline when it's not needed. Thank you modern technology! Additionally, it's not a [...]

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Safe Driving with Pets & Avoiding Animal Collisions

Today is all about animals. Ever wonder in the middle of deer season if there is an easy way to avoid collisions? Or maybe you wondered how to avoid hitting bunnies after that traumatizing incident one month after getting your license. Concerned about your dog in the back, wondering what would happen in an accident? Here are a few tips for safe driving with pets and avoiding animal collisions. 4 Tips for Safe Driving with Pets They are always there for us, so why aren't we there for them when driving around town or on road trips? 1. Buckle-Up We see the signs on all of the interstates, but we never think about buckling up our pets. Like other loose objects, your pet becomes a projectile object in the event of a crash. Which includes a very unfortunate meeting with the windshield. Properly restrain or contain your pet while driving. This could mean many different methods. Installing a dog harness which acts as a [...]

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Alternative Fuel Types

More and more often you hear the words "alternative fuel." While gas still reigns king, the different alternative fuel types make it easier for drivers to make a move away from gas while still moving down the road. But, what are the different type of alternative fuel types? And what does it take to convert a gas-consuming car to handle something like biodiesels or hydrogen? Seven Different Alternative Fuel Types There isn't just one. When looking for non-gas fuels, drivers have options. Biodiesel Who knew, animal fats and vegetable oils do more than just help you cook, they get your car moving too. And it doesn't have to be their first use. Oils and fats recycled from restaurants can be used as well. So, how does it work? The same as gas cars — combustion. In fact, unmodified vehicles can use a combination of petroleum and biodiesels (after checking with your car manufacturer of course). While fully converted cars can use pure biodiesel. However, while great for the environment [...]

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Changing Your Fluids Saves Your Car (and Your Wallet)

We've heard it from our parents since the day we first started driving: "Make sure to always schedule an oil change." Which is good, because changing your fluids saves your car. But, that's not just limited to oil changes. Transmissions fluids, brake fluids and other should also be included on that list. Why? Well, we repeat: changing your fluids saves your car. The Essential Fluids While every part of your engine works together to keep you moving, these fluids are the lifeline - the blood - of your engine. Which is why changing your fluids and keeping them in shape is critical. But, which fluids are we talking about? While windshield wiper fluid sure makes seeing much easier, it's not critical. Engine Oil Engine Oil is the classic; it's what you are replacing when you go in for those regular (we hope) oil changes. What is its job? Protecting your engine's components from corrosions while also keeping your engine cool. The later which is relatively important for drivers in [...]

Tips for Going Green with Your Current Car

Hybrid cars and electric vehicles aren't for everyone. While great for the environment, they aren't great for everyone's lifestyles. For the farmers and ranchers, a Prius just won't cut it. Some need a car with some power to get them up steep roads and driveways. Others can't afford a fancy, new car in their garage. Whatever your reason, that's okay. Luckily, going green(er) with your current car is a possibility. Here are a few tips for going green while keeping your vehicle. How Cars Affect the Environment Before even hitting the road, vehicles require plenty of energy. During production, plants use copious amount of power running the machinery needed to turn steel, rubber, glass, plastics, and paints into a working, drivable car. Once your vehicle hits the road, fuel becomes the most significant impact on the planet. From extraction to transporting to burning, your car's need for fuel and emissions affect air quality, natural resources and more. But, that doesn't mean the solution is only to ride your [...]

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Wheel Alignment & How to Tell Your Out of Alignment

Your vehicle is a well-oiled machine — literally. With so many moving parts in such a small space, you quickly realize when something is off or not working correctly. Wheel alignment included. But, what is tire alignment? What causes your car to fall out of alignment? And how can you tell is your wheel alignment is off? What is Tire or Wheel Alignment? When speaking of alignment, we are referring to your vehicle's suspension, not the actual tires or wheels. Your suspension connects the body of your car to the four wheels and helps protect the frame from massive hits, like potholes or bumps. When you visit your local auto shop, and they realign your wheels, they are adjusting the angles of your tires to make the best contact with the road. Unaligned tires cannot grip the road as well and could potentially damage your suspension system if left unchecked for too long. The Angles of Tire Alignments When checking the alignment, mechanics and auto shops take note of three [...]

Safe Driving with Kids – 5 Tips & Tricks

Distracted driving. We see the billboards and PSAs warning drivers to put down their phones, stop changing the music, and stop chatting with friends. But, what about kids in the car? Studies show new moms are three times as likely to crash than the average driver, and with such precious cargo in the car that is a terrifying statistic. But, driving with kids doesn't have to be scary or stressful. Here are our tips and tricks to staying safe while driving with kids in the car. 5 Tips & Tricks for Driving with Kids Safely From screaming toddlers to agitated teens to improper use of child seats, driving with kids can be difficult. But, don't let the stress get to you. By keeping your cool and planning ahead, it's just another drive around the block. Tip 1 - Learn How to Install a Child Seat Before the Baby Comes Perfect practice makes perfect. Don't just assume you know how to use your child's car seat. After all, you [...]

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