With over 30 years in the industry, we’ve encountered all of the auto repair FAQs. So, to make it easier for our clients and us, we decided to put them all down on paper! Check out these common Vehicle Repair and Auto Maintenance Frequently Asked Questions.

Yes! Even if you do not own your vehicle (including leased cars), you’re responsible for keeping it in good working order.

You can get repairs and maintenance done anywhere you like. If the issue/repair is under warranty, talk with your local shop and warranty provider to verify the work will be covered.

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We provide it all from maintenance to repairs. We know that keeping your car in working order is the best way to avoid costly repairs. Northwest Auto Center provides all your needed maintenance services.

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Your car requires regular maintenance to keep it running efficiently, helping prevent repairs. Preventive vehicle maintenance includes oil changes, fluid flushes, belt replacements, tire rotations, replacing air filters, etc. Check your owner’s manual for a suggested maintenance schedule or talk to your local auto shop.

This is one of our most common auto repair FAQs.

All vehicles make different noises depending on their engine design. If your car is making a new noise or if the noises are louder, it’s essential to take your vehicle in for an inspection. Different noises are the first signs that something isn’t running quite right.

Most shops will leave you a “Next Visit” sticker or notice after your last oil change. Typically, you want to change your oil around every 3,000 miles/ 3 months for semi-synthetic or 6,000 miles/ 6 months, whichever is first.

For those living in Texas and the Southwest United States, this is one of the important auto repair FAQs.

Heat and direct sunlight can have adverse effects on your car. From dulling the paint, to fading/wearing your car’s interior; sunlight and heat can wear on your vehicle faster than if it is covered or garage kept.

If you check engine light comes on, it means a system within your vehicle isn’t working properly. It could be several things. Your local auto shop will run a diagnostic test to determine why the light is on and apprise you.

Yes! A failure with a belt or hose can cause significant and expensive repairs (hello, preventative maintenance). It’s best to replace them before they damage your engine/vehicle. When taking your car in for its next scheduled service, have your mechanic take a look for any signs of wear on your vehicle’s belts, hoses, and engine components.

If you’re asking this auto repair FAQ, you might be a little stressed. Commonly, your battery may need a jump start and/or replaced. In other instances, it can be the starter and/or alternator. If your car regularly refuses to start or doesn’t start from a jump, it’s time to visit your local mechanic.

That depends on your tires and vehicle. Check the recommended PSI on the outside edge of your tire. The vehicle manufacturer also has a sticker usually found on the driver’s door opening, stating what the tire pressures should be.

If you know your car’s specific oil type, you can top off your engine oil without going in for an oil change. Make sure to check the color before topping it off. If it’s muddy brown/dirty, it’s time for an oil change.

If your car consistently uses up its oil before your due for a change, ask your mechanic during your next service.

We handle all maintenance services and vehicle repairs but do not handle cosmetic body repairs.

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