If your ride to work or to pick up the kids isn’t as smooth as it once was, it can be annoying. But, it can also be alarming. Because if your car isn’t driving as smoothly as it once was, it may leave you wondering what has changed.

Wear and tear are to be expected on your vehicle. After all, it takes you to a lot of different places. When that normal wear and tear is ignored, you start to have major issues (and some potential significant repairs).

Reasons Your Car Isn't Driving Smoothly, Northwest Auto Center of Houston, TX

Common Reasons Your Car Isn’t Driving Smoothly

When your vehicle isn’t operating as smoothly as it once was, that’s a warning sign. Your car is telling you that something isn’t quite right anymore, and it’s time to take notice as it could be one of these common issues.

Suspension Problems

The struts and shocks in your vehicle’s suspension system are your shock absorbers. Every time you go over a speed bump, hit a pothole, or encounter uneven ground, the suspension takes those impacts and absorbs them so your ride isn’t as rough.

As those parts wear, you’re going to start noticing all the bumps in the road more than you did previously. When you go over speed bumps, you may even seesaw a bit. If you’re noticing a bumpier ride to your destination, it’s time to check out your suspension.

Tire Issues

One of the more common sources of a rough ride is also easiest to fix — your tires.

If your tires have improper or uneven air pressure, if they are misaligned, if there is debris stuck in your tread, or if the tire tread is wearing unevenly, it can all cause shimmies, shakes, and a car that doesn’t drive smoothly.

Troubles With Your Transmission

If the ride isn’t the problem and rather you notice your transmission is shifting harder than it used to, it may be a good time to have your transmission looked at by a professional shop. And it’s something you’ll want to address as soon as possible.

Especially with transmission problems, the longer you let it go on, the worse the problems may get — and the more expensive the repair can become.

If you’re in the Houston area and suspect your transmission is why your car isn’t driving smoothly, make an appointment at Northwest Auto Center as soon as possible. Call us at (281) 894-8880, and we will help you get back on the road.

Engine Wear

Vibrations in your engine or sputtering while accelerating (more times than not), point to your engine. It could be a worn fuel injector, faulty ignition coil or even a faulty oxygen sensor, but there are many things that can cause this condition, either way, something in your engine isn’t operating efficiently and effectively.

Your Brakes Need Replacing

If smooth braking isn’t something your car offers anymore, it’s time to check out your brakes. It could be a shimmy while braking, noticing your brakes are more sensitive than usual, or it could be a grating while coming to a stop — all these signs indicate issues with your brakes.

And you want to keep your brakes working before you find yourself not coming to a stop in time. So the next time you park, maybe park it at your local auto repair shop and have them check the braking system…most times, there’s no charge for someone to check brakes!

Stop Driving Your Car if it’s Not as Smooth

You’re experiencing a bumpy ride or a rough stop for a reason — there is something wrong with your vehicle. So, if your car isn’t driving smoothly anymore, you should stop driving it or drive it to your local mechanic and have them check it.

For those in the Houston area, Northwest Auto Center can help you! We’ve been in this location for over 31 years. Together we can identify the root cause of your problem and repair the needed parts and components to keep you on the road. Call us today at (281) 894-8880 to make an appointment.