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Car Parts 101: Mass Airflow Sensor

Mass airflow sensors are an integral component of your vehicle's functionality. If something malfunctions with the sensor, you'll notice immediate signs that something has gone awry. The engine at best, will run poorly or it may not run at all. How Does a Mass Airflow Sensor Work? Mass airflow sensors can also be referred to as air meters. They play a fundamental role within your automobile's system by measuring the amount of air entering the engine. The input provided by the sensor then allows the PCM (Powertrain Control Module) to regulate the opening and closing of the fuel injectors, adjust ignition timing and when the ignition coil/s fire. The aforementioned parts, in harmony with the PCM, allows the air to fuel ratio stay in proper balance. The MAF sensor has two sensing wires. Via an electrical current, one wire is heated and cooled down by the amount of air that flows over the heated wire.  As the temperature difference fluctuates between the two wires, this provides input to the PCM to either provide more [...]

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Improving Diesel Truck Performance

Today's diesel trucks are rugged and ready for any adventure you may throw at them. Keeping your diesel truck running efficiently means reliability and helps you ensure you're getting the most use out of it. 5 Ways Boost Performance on a Diesel Truck Every driver's mileage may vary in terms of how they want to boost the performance of their truck. Depending on individualized needs and the day-to-day requirements of the your diesel truck, some owners may want to focus on fuel efficiency while others want more power and torque for carrying heavy cargo or towing extra weight. 1. Upgrade the Exhaust System Upgrading the exhaust system on your diesel truck with an aftermarket modification can improve the power and torque, but can also boost the fuel economy and overall performance of the vehicle. An exhaust system with a larger capacity takes some strain off the engine and allows it to work more efficiently, especially when you add custom tuning. 2. Install Fuel Injectors Installing aftermarket fuel injectors on [...]

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