It’s never a good feeling when you notice something is wrong with your trusty steed. Maybe it’s starting rougher than usual. Or making some pretty strange noises. Perhaps it even smells different. Whatever the problem with your car, your stomach drops and you start doing the math of what you can afford in repair costs. But, many common issues are preventable car problems.

That’s right, a little work now (or yesterday) could save you BIG in the future.

Preventable Car Problems

Preventable Car ProblemsIt’s true; you cannot plan and prevent everything. Eventually, your clutch will wear, or your brakes will need replacing. But, there are some problems you can avoid with proper car care and maintenance.

1. Rust Issues

Salt means rust, whether it’s from the ocean or from deicing the roads. And while you may think your car is dirty at the end of the winter—it’s covered in corrosive salt and sand.

Regular car washes prevent rust. Short on time? Give it a quick spray, paying particular attention to the undercarriage and wheel wells to hold you off until the weekend.

2. Dead Car Battery

The classic preventable car problem. While worn terminals and clamp connections happen over time, the most common cause of a dead battery is leaving a light on or a door ajar. Luckily, it’s an easy fix. Spend the extra 10 seconds making sure all the interior lights turn off after closing the doors.

3. Tire Blowout

Flat tires aren’t preventable. Most tire blowouts are. In fact, most flats and blowouts are due to one of the following:

  • Not rotating your tires, causing excessive and uneven wear.
  • Not keeping tires balanced and aligned, causing excessive and uneven wear.
  • Failing to keep tires properly inflated, causing excessive and uneven wear.

Noticing a pattern? Good. Take care of your tires.

4. Overheating Engine

The Texas heat is coming—and fast, which means your engine will be under extra pressure to stay cool. Give it the best chance by following these tips to avoid an overheated engine.

  • Turn the A/C down. Or better yet, turn on the heat when the engine is running hot, effectively pulling hot air away from your engine.
  • Check and top of the level of your coolant.
  • Always fix leaks immediately.

5. Sludge Buildup

The classic sign of a car whose owner neglected changing their oil. Now, instead of spending $30 every 5,000 miles you are left spending hundreds in repair costs.

Save yourself down the road. Change your oil.

6. Worn Brake Rotors

In 2014, AAA towed more than 235,00 vehicles due to brake system failures. It’s true, in some instances drivers never saw it coming—and couldn’t have prevented the impending brake failure. But, worn brake rotors? That’s somewhat preventable. How?

By replacing your brake pads. Brake pads take the majority of the friction, causing your vehicle to slow down when you press the brake. But, when those pads wear down your brake rotor begins experiencing heat from friction causing them to wear faster than average. Want your rotors to last? Replace your pads.

Not all repairs are preventable. Problems arise as car’s get older, and drivers put miles on their vehicles. It’s a part of owning a vehicle. However, some common problems are preventable with proper car care and maintenance. Take the time now taking care of your vehicle and avoid costly and preventable car problems in the future.