We’re Open! COVID-19 & Northwest Auto Center of Houston

To all our Family, Friends & Clients, We want everyone to know that during this difficult time, we're here and we will be open as long as possible, (unless we are mandated to close). If you need us or if we can be of service, (even something as simple as an oil change). We're here to help! As we have for over the last 30 years, we offer scheduled maintenance, brake service, a/c system repair, engine diagnosis/repair, transmission service/repair and much more. We will do our best to get you in and out in a timely manner and without breaking the bank. We're here Monday thru Friday 7:30am to 6:00pm. In many instances, we are able to shuttle you home or back to work. As another option available to you, we may be able to provide pick up of your vehicle at your home within the designated area. Call us for details. Feel free to call us for an appointment at (281) 894-8880 By the way, we have access to a wrecker service if you [...]

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Getting Your Car Ready for Spring

You may not have noticed yet, but it's March! With March comes warmer temperatures, spring flowers and the annual desire for deep cleaning. This need for cleanliness and order should extend to your car as well. After all, it put in lots of work this winter. But, what does getting your car ready for spring require? Helping Your Car Recover from Winter Winter is hard on your vehicle. From corrosive salts to terrible road conditions to road damage during the winter season, the colder months aren't kind on cars. Wash the Salt Off Salt, the corrosive enemy of your metal vehicle. Frequent washings during the winter months are the key to avoiding salt damage, but another good wash and wax going into Spring helps as well. Pay particular attention to the underside of your vehicle including the tires, wheel wells and all the areas you can reach underneath. While some areas don't require soap, a good soaking and spray assists in removing the built up winter grime. Check the Brakes Your brakes need some love [...]