The Road's Stickiest Problems, Northwest Auto Center of Houston

We talk a lot about protecting your car from wear and tear and early damage. But, that’s mostly centered around your car’s engine and components.

Today, we’d like to talk about some of the road’s stickiest problems. While contaminants on your car’s paint certainly dull the shine, we don’t often think about what else road remnants are doing to your vehicle. Beyond keeping your vehicle looking like new, keeping your car clean can also help keep it on the road.

Avoiding the Road’s Stickiest Problems

You can’t avoid road grime; it’s a fact of life for any driver. But that doesn’t mean you should let it go unchecked.

Bugs, Bugs, and More Bugs

“Bet he doesn’t have the guts to do that again!”

It’s a saying most of us have either heard or said while on a road trip or commute. With so many bugs flying around Texas, you’ve noticed the build-up on your grill and windshield.

And those tiny bugs can cause some issues. If left on your paint too long, they will begin to eat it away. Without this protective layer, your car’s frame will begin to rust as it’s exposed to the elements. While a bit of rust is okay, too much can cause some significant issues (and instabilities in your frame).

Tar and Asphalt

Tar and asphalt are a part of the road and will eventually be a part of your car if you drive long enough. Especially when the Texas roads heat up, this sticky mess can be very stubborn.

But you won’t want to wait long to remove it. The more it bakes, the more it settles in, making it harder for you to remove.

Like bugs, tar residue can damage your paint and lead to rust. But, it also can do damage to your undercarriage. Since it’s coming up from the road, it can coat other components of your vehicle like your brakes, exhaust, and joints. This build-up can lead to inefficiencies and premature wear and tear of things like your brake pads.

Tree Sap

You know this one is sticky. Just like it’s hard to get out of your kid’s clothes, it’s even harder to get off your car.

You will want to work on removing any sap or pitch as soon as you notice it before it dries and sets because (and this shouldn’t be a surprise) it can eat away your vehicle’s paint.

Keeping Your Car Clean – Tips for Removing Bugs, Sap, and Tar

Protecting your vehicle from the road’s stickiest problems starts with little preventative measures.

Prevention is Key

Don’t give messes a chance to stick to your paint. The protective, waxy layer on your paint becomes thinner and thinner as life goes on. Protect that protective layer by waxing your car paying close attention to the hood, grill, and bumpers that see most of the road’s messes.

Consider a bug net or protector to keep bugs off your paint if you live in a particularly buggy area. You can also explore bug-repellant products that create a slippery surface to keep them from sticking.

Cleaning it Off

Messes happen. Just stay on top of them. The faster you clean off any grime from your vehicle, the easier it will be.

If you have a particularly stubborn mess, utilize products like Goo-Off or Bug-Off to get rid of pesky contaminants. Because these are harsher products, make sure to clean and wax your vehicle to add the protective layer back to your car.

A Clean Car is a Happy Car

While mostly cosmetic, the road’s sticky contaminants can cause damage to your vehicle. So, why not prevent that from happening? Prevention and cleaning are key to keeping your car shiny and happy.

You keep your car clean, and we will keep you on the road! Northwest Auto Center of Houston has the knowledge and services you need to keep your vehicle running efficiently. Give us a call today at 281-894-8880 to schedule an appointment.