Your car engine keeps you moving and on the road — without it and you wouldn’t be going anywhere. So, it would be best if you were doing everything you can to preserve your engine, or you may find your car in the shop and you riding the bus.

Luckily, car and engine maintenance aren’t hard. It ranges from a few regular maintenance appointments to driving tips to keeping it clean.

Tips to Preserve Your Engine & Preventable Car Maintenance, Northwest Auto Center of Houston

4 Tips to Preserve Your Engine

Change Your Oil

It’s at the top of the list — and for a good reason. While it’s a quick and straightforward appointment (or an at-home task for those with the skills), many drivers wait too long between oil changes.

Your engine oil is responsible for removing dust and other contaminants that overtime clog filters and passages. Without changing it, you never remove these contaminants.

So if you want to preserve your engine, one of the main things you can do is change your oil and fluids and conserve your engine, and it’s parts.

Flush Your Fluids

While not as frequent as oil changes, flushing your engine fluids (like the coolant, transmission fluid, brake fluid, etc.) helps keep contaminants from building up in your system.

Especially when it comes to the coolant and transmission fluids, it’s essential to set a maintenance schedule. If you’re unsure of your engine fluids’ health, stop by your local auto shop to take a look.

Lubricate the Engine Parts

Your engine should be a well-oiled machine! To help preserve your engine, it takes a little bit of lubricant.

With so many parts moving in such a close space, lubrication keeps everything running smoothly and not grinding against each other. Additionally, an unlubricated engine is eventually going to cause a problem.

Keep Your Engine Clean

Give your engine a thank you, by keeping it clean!

As you drive along the road, your engine collects debris, dust, and grime. With enough time and build-up, this can block filters and trap heat in your engine — not great for the Texas heat.

So, please keep it clean. Your mechanic likely uses an engine degreaser when cleaning your engine.

Preserve Your Engine & Visit Northwest Auto Center of Houston

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