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Driving Tips for Teens (and Their Parents)

Getting your learner's permit at 15 and your license at 16 is a part of growing up in America. It's a right of passage, your first taste of real freedom. But, it's not all sunshine and rainbows. Car crashes remain the leading cause of death for teens. Fortunately, it's all preventable by following these safety and driving tips for teens. Driving Tips for Teens Keep the Phone in Your Backpack or Purse Or better yet, out of reach in the back seat on silent. Remember when we mentioned car crashes were a leading cause of death for teens? Well, texting causes the majority of those teen car crashes. Additionally, it may be illegal. With more research showing texting and driving the equivalent of drunk driving, states are starting to prohibit cell phones while driving. Keep it safe, keep it silent and keep it stowed. Drive Alone It may seem boring, but it is safer. While not a lasting rule, this is ideal for newly minted drivers. Even one passenger is distracting. They like chatting, asking questions, [...]

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7 Bad Car Habits You Need To Stop Doing

We are all guilty of a few bad habits, from smoking to biting your nails to leaving the lights on when you leave the house. And your car is no different. Here are a few bad car habits you need to stop — and soon. 1. Sudden Shifting You reverse out of a spot and without slowing, immediately put it into drive and go on your merry way. Stop. Over time, these sudden directional changes wreak havoc on your drivetrain from the engine to the transmission to your axles. Take the extra three seconds. Completely stop before going forward. 2. Flooring It (and Than Quickly Braking) We are all guilty. At some point, everyone has hit a wide-open stretch and gunned it. While its fun (and relatively harmless) every once in awhile, doing it all the time is one bad car habit you need to stop. Inevitably after gunning it, slamming the brakes follows. Neither is great. Fast acceleration burns fuel, but also puts a massive, sudden load on the drivetrain. Braking quickly causes wear [...]

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Texas Car Inspections – What You Need to Know to Pass

Whether you just moved to the Lone Star State or its that time of year again, Texas Car Inspections are a requirement every driver has to meet. Let's take a closer look at what the Texas Safety Inspection and Emissions Test requires of car owners to pass. How Often Do I Need to Inspect My Car in Texas? Texas requires an annual safety inspection if you wish to keep your car's registration valid and lawful. No exceptions. But, what if you have a multi-year registration or are just in-state for college? Multi-Year Registration. If you have multi-year registration, it does not matter. The state mandates the same yearly inspection rules. New Residents. You have 30 days starting the date you move to Texas. Anything after 30 days and you are susceptible to ticketing. Out-of-State Vehicles (College Students). Your car and your home address are out of state, but you are living in Texas, it can get confusing. You will need to get a safety inspection in the state of Texas while keeping your out-of-state registration. What's [...]

10 Car Hacks, Tricks and Tips

Make your journey a little safer, more comfortable and more stylish with these car hacks, tricks, and tips. 1. Clean Your Headlights with Toothpaste Place the toothpaste on a soft, nonabrasive cloth and buff. Not only will your car look like new, but you'll also be able to see again too. 2. Cool the Car Without A/C The dreaded Texas summer sun just turned your car into a sauna. Cool the car off quick—without cranking the A/C (and wasting gas). Roll down one window and on the other side of car, open and close the door a few times. The movement forces the hot, stagnant air through the door, filling the car with colder air through the window. 3. Turn on the A/C while Defrosting the Windshield A/C air is dry. Frost is moist. Designers took notice, so new cars do this automatically, but not older cars. Crank the A/C as warm as it will go and watch the dry, warm air do work. 4. Rubberbands - The Free Car Phone Stands Thread the rubber [...]

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