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What is the Powertrain?

Dealerships and companies keep advertising "Powertrain Warranties" with all the information in fine print—left for you to read and learn on your own. We are here to help. What is the Powertrain? The powertrain is made up of every part and component that mechanically propels your car, starting with the engine all the way to the wheels. It includes the transmission and the driveshaft as well as smaller parts like cv joints and differentials. What is the Drivetrain? The drivetrain is part of the powertrain, but a more a specific grouping of elements that are involved with turning the wheels. What are the Parts of the Powertrain? The Engine While used broadly, the engine refers to the parts utilized to convert gas into energy to keep your car on and working. It converts gas into motion allowing you the ability to move forward. It's made up of a four-part cycle to continually generate power: intake, compression, combustion, and exhaust. This energy transfers to the clutch and transmission that controls and converts the amount of energy [...]

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Finding a Trustworthy Car Mechanic & Auto Shop

Car repairs do not come cheap. You want to know the mechanic performing them does right by your vehicle—and you. But, what makes a car mechanic trustworthy? How do you find a good auto shop? Qualities of a Trustworthy Car Mechanic and Auto Shop While they may not have an easy-to-spot outward appearance, trustworthy car mechanics have some common traits and attributes. Listening and Communication Skills Worthwhile mechanics and auto shops take the time to listen to their customers. Not only is it considerate, but it may also help them when diagnosing problems down the road. When it comes to repairs, they can easily communicate their intended plans of action. They can walk you through complex repairs in a way that is easily understood—they include you in the process. Mechanics that are transparent instill trust, versus a behind-closed-doors style that leaves customers wondering what is happening to their vehicles. Consideration for Budget No one looks forward to spending their hard-earned dollars on their vehicle. A thoughtful car mechanic should keep this in mind when suggesting [...]

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General Car Service and Maintenance by Mileage

Going in for a car service can be daunting. With the general population lacking in the knowledge of what parts need maintaining versus replacement, it's easy to end up paying too much. Below are general car service and maintenance tips and an outline by mileage to get you started. Know Before You Go Before heading to the dealership or your auto shop of choice, it's important to do your homework. No need to dread it as you did in high school, this homework can save you money (and who doesn't love keeping cash in your pocket?) Read Your Manual Each car comes with a maintenance manual that lays our suggested mileage and times for routine maintenance and car service. This manual is the basis for what mechanics will suggest—but, they do deviate. Knowing what to expect will help you determine if you're up-sold on what your vehicle needs to have done. Know Your Car Only you can tell how your car is feeling and driving. Brakes may need to be replaced earlier if you have [...]

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