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What Your Tire Tread is Telling You

Tires can be windows to the health of your car—if you know how to look. Some may find this hard to believe. But, tires are sensitive. They begin to wear differently if something isn't right, which means your tire tread is trying to tell you something. This can include inflation issues, issues with your driving, alignment problems and even problems in your suspension or brake systems. Center Tire Tread Wear Take a peek at your tires. If you see the center strip of your tire is more worn than the sides or edges of the tire that means your tire is overinflated. Overinflation causes tires to bulge in the center, meaning this is the spot on the tire connecting the most with the road. It is important to follow your tires' and car's recommended psi. The recommended tire psi can be found on the outer wall of your tire, on a sticker found inside the front passenger door or in your owner's manual. Side/Shoulder Tire Tread Wear If your tires are showing wear on the [...]

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General Car Care Tips

New or old, flashy or clunky, your car needs maintenance and care to keep running. Here are a few general car care tips to keep you on the roads. Car Care Tips for Your Engine Perhaps one of the most complicated parts of your vehicle—and potentially the most expensive. It's important to keep all parts of your engine in working order to avoid further problems. Oil Oil lubricates the engines moving parts. It keeps the engine clean of dirt and gunk. It prevents wear and corrosion. And it is important to check and change your oil regularly. In the past, it was suggested to change your oil every 3,000 miles. With new technologies, some are saying you can wait for 7,000 miles. When in doubt, follow your car's manual. Still not sure? Check your oil on the indicator stick in your engine. If the oil is low or comes out in a muddied color, it's time to refill or change. Belts Belts are a series of rubber lines filing through your engine. They include your [...]

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5 Signs You Need New Brakes

Brakes are perhaps one of the most important components of your vehicle. They also have a few questions surrounding them. What happens when you push the brakes? How long do brakes last? How do you know when you need new brakes? What Happens When You Brake Your vehicle's brakes are most likely found on the front two tires of your car (with exception of weighted trucks which can have rear brakes). They are made of three components: Rotors: circular piece attached to the back of the wheel. Calibers: vice like clamps that engage with the rotors to slow down the vehicle. Brake Pads: in between the rotors and calibers, brake pads create the friction to slow down your vehicle. While all three components wear over time, your brake pads will wear the fastest and need replacement first. How Long do Brakes Last? It varies. Brakes are a wear item, not a mileage item, with the brake pads wearing first. And not all driving is equal. 20,000 miles of driving in Dallas with stop-and-go traffic is [...]

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