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Let’s Talk Foggy Headlights

Let's talk about something we hate to see on other cars and our own cars — foggy headlights. Your vehicle's headlights make driving at night, rain, and snow easier. But, not if they are foggy and dull. And even if you are washing your car regularly, you can't keep your headlights as shiny and bright as they were when you drove off the car lot. Why is that? Causes of Foggy Headlights Dirt and Grime Sure, you may wash your car weekly, but you can't stop the build-up. Over time, your vehicle and headlamps encounter dirt, salt, grime, and other road debris (it's an inevitable part of being on the road). These things slowly eat away the top coat of your headlamps and cause scratching, which adds to the hazy headlight appearance. The Solution? Cleaning your vehicle regularly is an excellent start as removing any salt or chemicals as soon as possible minimizes their impact on your top-coat. Occasionally restoring the top coat of your car's headlights is a [...]

Increasing Your Winter Fuel Efficiency

With fuel prices continuing to rise, we all would like to save a little money on gas this winter. In very cold and snowy areas, winter can decrease your fuel efficiency — by up to 24% — because of the cold weather and less-than-optimal driving conditions. Not all hope is lost, though. It's still possible to increase your winter fuel efficiency to help offset the increase in gas prices and gas needed. It just takes a bit of change in habit. Tips for Increasing Winter Fuel Efficiency While changing your driving habits and vehicle maintenance schedule can feel like a lot of work, it's worth the money you'll save on gas this winter. Store Your Car in a Warm Place While you may like using your garage for storage purposes during the summer, it's time to make room for your vehicle(s) during the cold months. Keeping your car inside when it's cold means the engine has less work to warm up and therefore uses less gas. Reduce Your Idle [...]

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