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Safe Driving with Pets & Avoiding Animal Collisions

Today is all about animals. Ever wonder in the middle of deer season if there is an easy way to avoid collisions? Or maybe you wondered how to avoid hitting bunnies after that traumatizing incident one month after getting your license. Concerned about your dog in the back, wondering what would happen in an accident? Here are a few tips for safe driving with pets and avoiding animal collisions. 4 Tips for Safe Driving with Pets They are always there for us, so why aren't we there for them when driving around town or on road trips? 1. Buckle-Up We see the signs on all of the interstates, but we never think about buckling up our pets. Like other loose objects, your pet becomes a projectile object in the event of a crash. Which includes a very unfortunate meeting with the windshield. Properly restrain or contain your pet while driving. This could mean many different methods. Installing a dog harness which acts as a [...]

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Alternative Fuel Types

More and more often you hear the words "alternative fuel." While gas still reigns king, the different alternative fuel types make it easier for drivers to make a move away from gas while still moving down the road. But, what are the different type of alternative fuel types? And what does it take to convert a gas-consuming car to handle something like biodiesels or hydrogen? Seven Different Alternative Fuel Types There isn't just one. When looking for non-gas fuels, drivers have options. Biodiesel Who knew, animal fats and vegetable oils do more than just help you cook, they get your car moving too. And it doesn't have to be their first use. Oils and fats recycled from restaurants can be used as well. So, how does it work? The same as gas cars — combustion. In fact, unmodified vehicles can use a combination of petroleum and biodiesels (after checking with your car manufacturer of course). While fully converted cars can use pure biodiesel. However, while great for the environment [...]

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Changing Your Fluids Saves Your Car (and Your Wallet)

We've heard it from our parents since the day we first started driving: "Make sure to always schedule an oil change." Which is good, because changing your fluids saves your car. But, that's not just limited to oil changes. Transmissions fluids, brake fluids and other should also be included on that list. Why? Well, we repeat: changing your fluids saves your car. The Essential Fluids While every part of your engine works together to keep you moving, these fluids are the lifeline - the blood - of your engine. Which is why changing your fluids and keeping them in shape is critical. But, which fluids are we talking about? While windshield wiper fluid sure makes seeing much easier, it's not critical. Engine Oil Engine Oil is the classic; it's what you are replacing when you go in for those regular (we hope) oil changes. What is its job? Protecting your engine's components from corrosions while also keeping your engine cool. The later which is relatively important for drivers in [...]

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