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Car Transmission 101 & Common Issues

You can have the world's most powerful engine, but without a working transmission, you and your car would not be moving anytime soon. A part of your vehicle's powertrain the transmission moves the power from the engine to your wheels. With all that responsibility, it's no wonder folks get nervous when they suspect car transmission problems. What Does a Car Transmission Do? Your car's transmission has a lot going on. Using different mechanical components, it transfers the power created in your engine to your drive axle (or axles depending on your vehicle) to propel you forward or backward. Controlling Power and Speed Gear ratios determined automatically or manually dictate the amount of power transferred as well as the speed. Lower gears transfer more power, but less speed. With higher gears, less energy is transferred as the vehicle is already traveling at a higher rate. The higher the gear, the lower the gear ratio. Automatic Versus Manual Transmission The difference in automatic and manual transmissions comes down to how that gear ratio is dictated [...]

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Two-Wheel Versus Four-Wheel Drive Vehicles

Ah, the classic debate: two-wheel versus four-wheel drive cars. When Googling, the number of questions that went like these shocked us... How do you drive a car with only two wheels? Is it safe to drive cars with only two wheels that work? Is your vehicle totaled when it has two wheel drive? Having a two-wheel drive car doesn't mean only two wheels exist. It all comes down to a difference in power. Two-Wheel Versus Four-Wheel Drive The difference is not the number of wheels, but the number of wheels that are actively driving the car forward or backward. With two-wheel drive models, either the front or rear set of wheels is in charge of power and movement. With four-wheel drive, all four wheels are actively propelling the car in it's given direction. It's fairly evident that a two-wheel drive vehicle doesn't have as much "get up and go" compared with a four-wheel drive car with a comparable engine. It's up to half of the wheels to get it going while the other two follow [...]

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Fuel Efficiency Going Down? Here’s Why It’s Dropping.

We all know that sudden acceleration when the light turns green doesn't do your fuel efficiency any favors. In fact, many everyday driving habits affect your car's fuel economy. But, let's say your driving habits haven't changed. You aren't taking turns like a Nascar driver, and you haven't been revving your engine. So, why is your fuel efficiency decreasing? But, Doesn't Fuel Efficiency Normally Change Over Time? Yes. As car's age, fuel economy declines. No matter how well you take care of your vehicle, it's engine efficiency and power are never as good as when you drive it off the lot. However, while a product of the miles you've driven, this decrease in efficiency is most likely due to faulty or worn engine components. It's also true your gas mileage changes over the period of the day as well. Colder mornings mean lower fuel economies. In fact, at 20-degrees your fuel economy is 12% lower than at 77-degrees. But, what about on a typical, warm day? With a car that isn't incredibly old. Why do [...]

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