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Car Cooling Systems: How They Work & Signs They Are Failing

Surprise! Your car doesn't just work on keeping you cool; it works on keeping itself cool. Your vehicle's cooling system has the significant responsibility of keeping your engine and car from overheating. But, how do cooling systems work and why are they necessary? How Cooling Systems Work Everytime the spark plugs ignite the engine's fuel, creating propulsion and motion, it's a tiny explosion. Explosions generate heat, and with 4,000 explosions per minute, while traveling 50mph, things heat up quickly. Even with all the advancements in car technology, heat continues being a by-product of motion. Two cooling systems exist in the car world: liquid and air. However, liquid cooling dominates with air cooling being found only in motorcycles and older model of cars. But, how do liquid cooling systems cool down cars? Liquid coolant flows through tubes in the engine, capturing and absorbing heat from other components until it reaches the radiator. The radiator uses air, forcing it through the grill cooling the coolant. Once the coolant cools, it returns to flow through your engine, absorbing [...]

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7 Common Car Myths Debunked

We've all heard car myths at some point in our driving life and taken them as truth (with so many people repeating them, why wouldn't you believe them). But, some of these sayings are neither true—or safe. So Which Car Myths Are True? Myth #1 - Always Top Off Your Gas Tank Wrong, so wrong. Your gas tank triggers the pump sensor when it does for a reason—it's full. First, you aren't getting any extra gas. Full gas tanks feed vapors and excess of gas back into the station's tank. Your essentially paying to refill the gas station's tank. Secondly, it's bad for your car. Topping off sends excess in fuel and vapor into the vapor collection system, overriding and damaging the canister over time. The next time your at the gas station, avoid topping it off. You aren't getting any more gas and your just dealing damage to the system. Myth #2 - Change Your Oil Every 3,000 Miles Yes, if your car is from 1973. No, for modern cars. Today's cars can go [...]

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Getting Your Car Ready for Spring

You may not have noticed yet, but it's March! With March comes warmer temperatures, spring flowers and the annual desire for deep cleaning. This need for cleanliness and order should extend to your car as well. After all, it put in lots of work this winter. But, what does getting your car ready for spring require? Helping Your Car Recover from Winter Winter is hard on your vehicle. From corrosive salts to terrible road conditions to road damage during the winter season, the colder months aren't kind on cars. Wash the Salt Off Salt, the corrosive enemy of your metal vehicle. Frequent washings during the winter months are the key to avoiding salt damage, but another good wash and wax going into Spring helps as well. Pay particular attention to the underside of your vehicle including the tires, wheel wells and all the areas you can reach underneath. While some areas don't require soap, a good soaking and spray assists in removing the built up winter grime. Check the Brakes Your brakes need some love [...]

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