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Car Ignition Systems & How They Work

It's Friday morning; you hop into your car. Groggy from a full week of work, you don't give any thought to your engine as you insert your key and crank it. In fact, you usually never give it a second thought (unless it doesn't turn on—then it gets your full attention). But, it deserves more. After all, ignition systems are responsible for the spark that gets your vehicle moving. Let's break down the different types of car ignitions and how they work. Parts and Process of Car Ignition Systems A car's ignition system is responsible for the fire—the spark—that gets your car's engine running. Without, this spark, your car would never ignite—leaving it powerless. Car ignitions serve two primary purposes: create a large enough voltage to project across the gap of a spark plug and strong enough to ignite combustion mixtures of fuel/air control the timing so the spark occurs precisely when it can ignite Different Types of Car Ignition Systems There are three to be exact. While achieving the same result (a running car), [...]

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9 Tips to Save Gas and Money

Commuting and traveling are now apart of our everyday routines. But, overspending on gas doesn't have to be. Here are nine tips to save gas and save you money. 1. Slow Down It's the simplest tip we have—just slow down. Driving fast increases drag, which increases fuel consumption. Instead of going 5-10 mph over, go the speed limit. Can't be trusted to stop cruising in the left lane? Set your cruise control. In fact, keeping a consistent speed saves your gas and wallet. 2. Drive Smooth Aggressive driving will cost you. Sure, it's tempting to peel away at the green light, but that sudden acceleration burns through the gas. And, same goes for aggressive braking. How much will driving like Grandma save you? A test done by found that accelerating and braking gradually saved a Land Rover 35% in gas consumption and a Mustang 27%. It's worth it. 3. Keep Your Tires Inflated Not only does it reduce wear on your tires, but it also saves you money. Proper inflation reduces "rolling resistance," which [...]

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Signs You Have a Failing Clutch

For manual transmission drivers, hearing the words "failing clutch" makes your stomach turn. But, it's not just a problem for manual transmission, automatic transmissions also experience clutch failure. Let's take a look at what happens when your clutch fails and how to tell when it is going to happen. How Long Do Clutches Last? Typically, clutches can last between 50-100,000 miles, making it a forgotten component of a vehicle. But, this mileage varies. If you drive in heavy traffic, frequently pull heavy loads and are prone to riding the clutch, it can fail sooner than the 50,000-mile mark. Signs of a Failing Clutch Luckily, your clutch gives off warning signs before completely breaking. But, it's up to you to listen to them. Slippage Have you noticed your engine races, but your car moves slowly? Slippage is the primary symptom of a worn clutch in an automatic transmission but is also noticeable with manual transmissions. Not sure if this is happening? Take your car out for a test drive. While acceleration on the highway or a [...]

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5 Reasons Your Car Won’t Start

Everyone has those rushed mornings that you're grateful you're only 15 minutes late leaving the house. But, then your car won't start. We agree—it's the worse. Let's break down the reasons why cars have troubles cranking. How a Car Starts It's as simple as turning the key and boom!—your car is running. But, there is more to it than that. When you turn the key, the spring-loaded ignition switch interacts with the starter by connecting the power from the battery to the starter motor. In turn, this cranks the engine and is your signal to release the key. Not so simple. With so many parts and connectors involved, it's easy to see how a car has trouble starting. Why Your Car Won't Start Maybe it's curiosity. Or perhaps you're currently sitting in your driveway wondering "why won't my car start." Here are the top 5 reasons your car isn't starting. 1. Key Won't Turn If the key doesn't turn, the car definitely won't start. Let's start with the obvious: are you using the correct key? [...]

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