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Car Smells You Shouldn’t Be Ignoring

Smells aren't just bad for your nose; they could mean bad news for your car. Like tire tread, those car smells are trying to tell you something—and you should listen. But, which smells requirement immediate care? Musty or Gym Socks If you notice a musty or gym sock smell, especially while running the A/C or Heater, it's probably mold. Mildew and mold grow in the water from the condensing process in your A/C evaporator. Luckily, the fix and prevention is simple. About a mile from home, turn the fan onto high and the A/C off to dry out the system. If that doesn't work, you may want to look into cleaning your A/C system as breathing in mold and mildew can have adverse health effects. If you continue to smell the musty smell, check your door seals for leaks as your carpets could be getting wet. Sweet or Maple Syrup If your car smells like maple syrup and you haven't been eating pancakes, you have a leaking antifreeze issue. The leak could be anywhere in [...]

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Is a Flooded Car a Totaled Car?

With the 2017 hurricane season ending, we have had a lot to recover from. Communities and families continue rebuilding and life is slowly returning to its normal pace. We now have time to turn our attentions back to the less dramatic losses—including the flooded cars. But, is a flooded car a totaled car? Can it be salvaged? How Flooded is Flooded? It doesn't take much to flood a car. If you drove through or were parked in water up to mid-tire level, you probably have some damage. If that water splashed or reached any electrical components, you have a problem. Electricity and Water Do Not Mix We all know this. Water trumps electricity. And the water doesn't need to be as high as you think to start wreaking havoc. The motor starter is the lowest electronic component of a vehicle. Water doesn't even need to reach door height to start splashing and damaging the starter. Modern Cars With all the new advances in modern cars, they have actually gotten worse at withstanding flood waters. The [...]

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Getting Your Car Winter Ready

Winter is hard—on you and your vehicle. The freezing temperatures. Snow and ice (yep, even here in Houston, TX). The slippery roads. Getting your car winter ready is a must and it starts before the first snowfall. Getting Your Car Winter Ready Visibility Check Seeing clearly is essential during the winter months. Check your wipers, check that your headlights are shining their brightest and check your defroster. Will it keep the ice at bay while driving? Battery Check Your battery capacity is reduced by cold weather—depending on the temperature your battery could only be holding half-charge. Also, the low temperatures are making the battery fluid thicker, increasing the strain on your starter. Have your battery tested, whether at home, at an auto parts store or at your local auto shop to make sure it is fully charged. In addition, check all the cables and terminals for any signs of corrosion or loose connections. Fluids & Coolant Check Coolant. It is absolutely vital for your engine to have the correct antifreeze/water mixture to keep your engine [...]

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